Friday , August 1 2014
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    Who We Are

    GoinBiz is a powerful business matchmaking platform that enables Entrepreneurs to quickly engage a large network of Potential Equity Partner or Investors for Your Business.

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    What We Do

    Many entrepreneurs use our Network to identify potential equity partners and reach out to them. We work with thousands of companies and funding sources to help you identify the right potential partner for your business.

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MOXIE yoga – Mind-Body Fitness for the Urban Life

Our Studio is offering something new to the San Francisco yoga community. We want to open the door to the physical benefits of the practice to those who may have been intimidated by yoga in the past, as well as experienced students who are more interested in the physical benefits of the practice. Our classes are designed for the urban ... Read More »

Vending Machine Business-Need business advice and partner – USA

A friend and I have come up with an idea to start a distribution company that sets up vending machines, from which are sold miscellaneous and novelty items within big cities. The targeted market for these products will be foreign tourists in America. These vending machines will sell American novelties within tourists hot-spots and near attractions. We would also set ... Read More »

Technology Company is seeking to Raise Capital – Canada

On behalf of one of our clients, we are looking for potential investors to invest in the following company: A Canadian based technology company is currently seeking to raise CAD $ 3,5MM in convertible debt. The company aims to become the world’s leading search engine for buying and selling products and services. Should you be interested in this investment opportunity, ... Read More »

HIDDEN – Designing the Most Intuitive Wireless Speakers Ever

Technology can be simple, poetic and connected. We are a lifestyle brand that makes technology incredibly simple with a proven track record of market success. We combine software and iconic industrial design to deliver the most intuitive connected experience ever. We are most well known for delivering the world’s simplest and most advanced wireless speaker in the form of the ... Read More »

Looking for angel investor for Counselling Business – Canada

After 10 years working for government based Social Services, I am looking to start my own counseling business. With contracts available with the government of Saskatchewan, the clients are there, but I need funding for space, some equipment and technology. The business plan is ready to go. I am a fully insured, licensed and belong to a professional association. Read More »